In Store Analytics

Analysis and tracking system for proximity marketing


Montrack is an innovative system that analyzes participation and tracks visitors within an area.

With the installation of one or more antennas, it measures entry flows and tracks visitor movements in real time. It is able to measure the presence of user smartphones, identifying them unambiguously and anonymously, recording their position, duration of stay and recognizing them as new or return visitors.

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The data provided by Montrack can be analyzed to study, for instance, client paths within a store and their frequency, to monitor trends in entry flows within an area or movement to neighboring areas. By overseeing access, more efficient management of lighting can be provided and energy efficiency can be improved. In addition, thanks to integration with security systems and geolocation, it can act as an indoor localizer.


Montrack can be used:

inside shops, large stores

or shopping centers and

exhibition centers

Tool to assess marketing and promotional operations

in open but defined

spaces such as theme

parks, event areas and

tourist complexes

Improve management of visitor flows and participation

on public transportation

networks, in hospitals or in


Search for medical equipment or medical personnel

in sports centers,

multipurpose centers, and

convention centers

Immediate feedback on the number of people present


It is fully integrated with Google Analytics, allowing data provided by Montrack to be visible in real time and aggregated in statistical reports for log analysis.


The system uses WiFi to measure users’ network devices.

No Radio Waves

It does not broadcast radio signals and does not produce electromagnetic pollution or interfere with radio communications.

Privacy compliant

It collects data anonymously, fully complying with visitor privacy.


The management console for collected data can be used through the cloud.


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